How we started TraveChat? It shall began with Newlocalbuddy.

It all started after Dec 2016. As I wondering how to go Cambodia alone. Who can I connect to?

After searching internet, I found that the only language they speak is Khemer. I hope that I can connect some local students who at least speak chinese or english. But then I could not even get any information of what I need. I wish that I could have contact a student and learn some Cambodia Situation and info with him/her.

It was the original idea of [Newlocalbuddy]. Get a NEW local friend whichever country you go.

I was surprised that whichever place I traveled, I can surely contact someone who my friend’s friend or relative to have a meal or meet up. It surely benefited us in a trip. I learnt a lot with the local conversation we have. So, why not I build a website to connect local buddy who interested to help in traveler or tourists? Making a platform where connect both of them to have a meet up in coffee shop?

Then I found FB CEO, Mark Zuckerburg instigated a campaign (A Year In Travel)FB group. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg built his entire empire on the notion of community. And for his most recent act of community building, he’s asked his Facebook friends — so, basically the entire world — if they wanted to join him on his goal for 2017: traveling.


There is more than 43,000 people in that group. started PM a lot of travelers in FB group. I was surprised. I started private message (PM) all the active users one by one. I appreciated that group where it makes NEWLOCALBUDDY become POSSIBLE.

It is Chinese New Year in Malaysia too. A new year resolution for yourself?

LET’s turn this IDEA become a REALITY!!!!!

Do you ever received s SPAM message like above? Sorry, that’s me.

Thankfully, I received a lot of positive feedbacks. We got more than 50 countries out of 260 members who leave email and sign up for NEWLOCALBUDDY ideas. I am going to write all those amazing memory and supports from all these SPECIAL ones.

You guys are the one who kick off this idea and motivate me to carry on.

(*As a remarks, please message the admin of group before you private message anyone. I got kicked out from that group one day!)


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